Pediatric Dentistry in Redmond, WA

Pediatric dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry focusing on the oral health care of children of all ages, from infants to adolescents. Pediatric dentists receive additional training and obtain special qualifications to be able to provide comprehensive dental care for children, as their dental needs are different from the needs of adult patients.

At Essence of Dentistry, we know that prevention is key to long-term dental health and educate our patients on the importance of promoting good oral health from an early age. The earlier your child starts visiting our pediatric dentists at Essence of Dentistry, the sooner they will develop good oral hygiene habits they'll continue for the rest of their lives and the easier it will be to prevent cavities and other common dental problems.

Our pediatric dentists at Essence of Dentistry are dedicated to ensuring our little patients receive the most comfortable and painless dental care and enjoy their every visit.

What Makes a Pediatric Dentist Different From Other Dentists?

Our pediatric dentists specialize in addressing the oral health needs of children and can make young patients feel more comfortable during dental visits as they have special skills and training. Our experienced pediatric dentists can provide treatment for a variety of issues that commonly affect the oral health of children and can detect any developmental problems and address them before they affect your child’s long-term dental health.

At our dental office in Redmond, WA, kids can feel at ease in our child-friendly environment and enjoy fun toys in the waiting room while our friendly staff members help them feel right at home. Our office is also equipped with specialized instruments that are designed for the mouths and needs of young patients, which our gentle dentists will use to provide pain-free exams and treatments.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

Preventing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues in children and addressing this problem early on is essential. Our skilled pediatric dentists help prevent tooth decay in children through regular cleanings and checkups and specialized treatments like fluoride applications and sealants that strengthen the teeth and protect them against cavities.

Monitoring Development

Our pediatric dentists monitor the growth and development of your child’s teeth to identify potential problems early and intervene before they can impact their long-term dental health. The sooner developmental problems are tackled, the less likely your child will be to need complex dental procedures in the future.

Oral Hygiene Education

By making visiting the dentist fun and providing hygiene education, we help children develop healthy habits they can continue into adulthood. Helping children learn the importance of taking care of their teeth early will help minimize the need for future dental procedures and keep their smiles healthy and bright.

Oral Appliances

At Essence of Dentistry, we use state-of-the-art technology and the latest materials to create custom oral appliances. Our dentists can design customized oral appliances for children such as retainers, mouthguards, nightguards, and athletic guards.

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