Essence of Dentistry

At Essence of Dentistry, we have created a welcoming environment where patients can receive the dental care they need the way they’ve always wanted – in a compassionate, caring, and personalized manner. Our skilled, experienced, and caring team is dedicated to enhancing the oral health of our patients and improving their overall well-being through science-based, holistic, and empathetic care

Our leading Redmond, WA, dental practice has built an outstanding reputation by consistently providing excellent care, building trust through transparency, using the latest and most advanced technology, and going above and beyond to meet patient expectations. Our general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services include checkups and cleanings, porcelain veneers, root canals, dental implants, and more. We also offer emergency dental care.

Dr. Han, our highly skilled and experienced dentist, is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care with a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. With her unwavering commitment to oral health, Dr. Han ensures that individuals receive top-notch treatment in a warm and welcoming environment.

Dr. Han, Dr. An, Dr. Chuang, and our team invite you to call (425) 885-0200 and schedule your appointment today to see why patients say Essence of Dentistry is the best dental practice in Richmond.

Dr. Alison Han, DMD


Dr. Han has run a couple of clinics in the last 20 years. Dr. Han speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, French, English, and a little Spanish. This allows her to effectively communicate with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds who seek her expertise.

Dr. Han obtained a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD) degree from McGill University and a General Practice Residency (GPR) from the University of Washington. Later, she graduated from Kois Center , which is known as one of the top post-graduate fellowship programs in the dental industry. The curriculum focuses on improving patient care from all angles -disease, functional, aesthetic, and administrative using evidence-based dentistry.

Her passion is learning and solving healthcare complexities. In the past 3.5 years, she has worked closely with Teague to build and validate an AI-based SaaS dual app to improve patient experience by automating the dental /medical practice workflow. She has led a team of software engineers to build a functional app from scratch.

Aside from pursuing her passions, Dr. Han enjoys spending time with her two daughters. Through her eldest daughter, she continues to follow her love of crew. She is very involved with her youngest’s education and has gained extensive knowledge in neuroplastic therapies and research.

Dr. Michael An, DMD


Dr. Michael An, a graduate of the New York College of Dentistry, is invested in using minimally invasive dentistry techniques and has introduced a new level of aesthetics to our practice. From a wide range of restoration techniques to composite veneers and Invisalign, he is well-versed in many of these newly introduced in-house procedures designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

As a fellow Kois Center colleague, Dr. An has taken multiple anterior veneer courses, implant courses, and courses specializing in functional occlusion. Ornate and precise, the cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. An are built to last with beauty in mind.

Dr. Amy Chuang, DMD


Dr Chuang is a graduate from McGill University School of Dentistry in Montreal, Canada.
Upon graduation, she completed a one year residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada. She is board certified in Canada and United States of America.
To keep up with the latest dental technology, she is an active member of the American Dental Association and the Washington State Dental Association. She is fluent in Mandarin,French and Spanish.
In her spare time, Dr Chuang enjoys spending time with her family. You can find her skiing, and exploring the great outdoors with them.

Nupura Malao

Dental Assistant

Nupura began her dental career over 5 years ago as a Dentist in India before she moved to USA last year. Now she works as a Registered Dental Assistant and aspires to become a Dentist in USA. She enjoys helping and interacting with patients. The patient experience is her priority, and she works hard to ensure they feel comfortable in our office. Outside the office, she likes soaking up every moment she can with her family, especially with her 6 year old son! In her spare time she also enjoys painting and dancing.

Aleeya Scott

Dental Assistant

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Cintli Duarte

Dental Assistant

Cintli was born in Mexico City but grew up in the small town north of the city called Querétaro. She graduated in culinary arts just to quickly realize that cooking for big crowds was not her passion. In 2005 she moved to Seattle where she settled down and started to look for other areas of interest. Fast forward 18 years She began working at essence of dentistry in 2023, her favorite part about working as a DA is being able to connect with her coworkers and interact with patients while trying to provide the best experience possible. In her free time Cintli enjoys spending time with her family, walking her three dogs, hiking and reading books.


Dental Assistant

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Caitlin Duda

Front Office Communication

Caitlin Duda is currently a rising senior attending the University of Washington. She is now the current Social Media Coordinator along with being a Treatment Planner. Her detail oriented work and creative thinking allows her to excel in both positions. Caitlin is a hybrid working spending her time both in and out of the Redmond office.

Janet Forsmann

Front Office Schedule Coordinator

Janet Forsmann earned her Bachelor of Arts in Office Administration in Feb 1980 from Washington State University. She had worked for the telephone company (Pacific Northwest Bell) in several administrative roles, including scheduling the outside technicians in the Seattle, Tacoma area. Janet's experience and expertise in managing schedules and ensuring smooth operations made her an invaluable asset to the team. After her tenure at the telephone company, Janet transitioned to a receptionist role at a Chiropractor's office in Redmond Ridge. There, she managed the front office with finesse and provided assistance to doctors as needed. Additionally, she skillfully scheduled patients and efficiently collected fees owed by them.

In August of 2023, Janet moved to Essence of Dentistry to be part of their front office team, where her passion for helping people and customer service fits in well with the team. Outside of the office, Janet enjoys creative hobbies such as crocheting, making rugs, embroidery, and bowling, which allow her to explore her artistic side beyond work hours.

Jenny Tan

Front Office Billing

I became an integral part of this dental office team in 2021. Remarkably, my journey with the practice began long before that; I had been a dedicated patient for 15 years.Having been a patient for over a decade, I brought a wealth of personal experiences to my position. My deep understanding of the treatments, procedures, and, most importantly, the patient's perspective, allowed me to seamlessly bridge the gap between the clinical and financial aspects of dental care. In recognition of my dedication and the valuable perspective I brought, I was offered a position within the practice. Embracing this opportunity, I stepped into the role of Dental Financial Coordinator with enthusiasm and commitment. My goal is to ensure that every patient not only receives exceptional dental care but also understands the financial aspects clearly, making their journey toward oral health as smooth and stress-free as possible.
I'm experienced in managing dental insurance claims, and patient billing. My expertise lies in explaining financial responsibilities and maximizing insurance benefits for patients. I love road trips and exploring new places. Driving on scenic routes brings me joy and freedom. From coastal highways to hidden mountain spots, every mile adds new stories and cherished memories to my life.
I also love exploring new foods. Whether it's street food or fine dining, I enjoy trying local delicacies and hidden gems wherever I go.


Front Office Treatment Planning

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Helene Clancy

Dental Hygienist

Helene fell in love with dentistry at a young age, and received her license in Dental Hygiene from Shoreline C.C. She attended further training at U.W. and other accredited institutions in advanced periodontal ultrasonic instrumentation and restorative performances and modalities. Her 40+ years of experience brings confidence to her patients as she enjoys helping people on multiple levels of education and prevention with emphasis on oral preservation. Additionally, she is committed to being compassionate, gentle and thorough.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering in her church, hiking, running, skiing, gardening and traveling.

Lisa Kohli


Lisa graduated from the University of Washington with a B.S. in Dental Hygiene. She has many years of experience in dentistry, including periodontal specialty practices, as well as general dental practices. Lisa was a Dental Hygiene Program instructor at Lake Washington Technical College where she taught 1st and 2nd-year clinics. She has taken additional coursework in periodontal instrumentation, ultrasonic instrumentation, restorative duties, and advanced anesthesia. Lisa has been living with her family in the Greater Seattle Area for all of her life and loves it here.

Kazuyo Ryno


Kazi was born on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, near the city of Sapporo. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Japanese literature from Fuji Women's College and attended Marian College in Indiana for one school year through a foreign study program. She worked in IT in Japan after graduating from college but moved to Seattle (her husband's hometown) in 2004.

Kazi studied medical assistance at Seattle Vocational Institute and worked in Redmond as an MA. After staying home for several years to raise her two sons, she studied at Lake Washington Institute of Technology to earn her license as a Registered Dental Hygienist.

The aspect of dental hygiene that she finds most rewarding is educating patients on steps to improve and maintain oral health. Having seen some of her own relatives lose their teeth at an early age due to the lack of professional oral care, Kazi feels it is extremely important to look after the well-being of her patients and to accommodate their needs to the best of her ability.

She enjoys gardening, playing the piano, reading, yoga, sewing, and knitting. Together with her family, she loves riding bicycles and hiking the Northwest trails.