A Redmond Dentist Can Restore Your Damaged Tooth

Posted by Alison Han Aug 02,2021

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While it is common to damage a tooth, when you do so, you need to visit our Redmond dentist office as quickly as possible. Dental restorations make it possible for us to save natural teeth on a regular basis. Just because your tooth has been cracked or chipped or is causing you a great deal of pain, does not mean that you will be required to have it extracted. In fact, it is our preference not to extract your teeth because we understand the benefit of having your natural ones for as long as possible. Since your natural teeth and roots provide stimulus to your jaw bone, it is beneficial for your overall health and appearance that you maintain them for as long as you possibly can. The good news is that dental restorations allow us to help you do so.

However, you need to visit our office as quickly as possible after damaging a tooth so that we can provide you with several options rather than being forced to provide you with the only treatment available. For example, when a tooth is slightly cracked, we can repair it using dental bonding, dental veneers or dental crowns. If, however, that damage has spread throughout the tooth, and enamel is lost, the only option we may have available will be a dental crown. As you can see, time is of the essence when it comes to dental restorations.

Clear Expectations

It is important for you to understand what to expect when it comes to dental restorations. There is a common misconception that just because you damage your tooth means that you will be saddled with a silver looking cap. This is certainly not the case. Our dental restorations are natural looking and made using tooth-colored materials that match the shade of your surrounding teeth. At our Redmond dentist office, we take a great deal of time to ensure that the match is as close as possible so that you and everyone else cannot tell which one of your teeth was restored and which ones are healthy and natural. Blending restorations is a key component of what we do on a daily basis and we are proud to say that our patients love their smiles when we are done.

Simultaneously, we are equally focused on the health of our patients' teeth, gums and jawbone. When we restore teeth, we are always looking to identify ways to do so that are minimally invasive and will not cause harm to any other areas of the mouth. We are precise and we are thoughtful, which allows us to make recommendations that we are confident will improve your oral health throughout your lifetime.

Restorative Solutions

Some of the restorative solutions we offer in our Redmond dentist office are -

  • Dental bonding.
  • Dental veneers.
  • Dental crowns.
  • Dental bridges.
  • Dental implants.
  • And more.

To find out which of these solutions will work best for restoring your damaged teeth, call our Redmond dentist office and schedule an examination right away.

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