Social Responsibility

Redmond, WA

Dr. Alison Han believes in giving back to society and her community and actively planning for the future and is dedicated to ensuring Essence of Dentistry contributes to promoting social responsibility

Dr. Han believes that by actively engaging in volunteering programs and other social responsibility actions, we can improve the human condition and help build and shape a better future. That is why she has made it a priority to infuse valuable ethical and moral values into the core of everything we do inside and outside our dental practice.

Dental Healthcare and Dental Volunteer in Nepal

One of the things that makes our dental office unique is our non-profit business extension with AC Sherpa and the Seven Summits Foundation for charity, dental health care, and philanthropy. Dr. Alison Han and AC will again be traveling to Nepal in August to assist in the mission of setting up avenues for promoting Himalayan healthcare. The main goal is to create sustainable development programs in remote areas of Nepal to improve the quality of life for the local population.

Among the lowest-income economies in the world, Nepal has been ranked eighth by the World Bank out of 124 countries it reviewed. They endure the typical problems of impoverished people around the world, such as high rates of malnourishment, childhood mortality, and illiteracy. Poverty in Nepal is concentrated in rural villages and among lower castes and ethnic minorities. These villages are often located in remote mountain villages that are geographically isolated and far from basic services.

Nepali is the national language and is understood by most of the population, but it is estimated that there are as many as 75 different dialects spoken by various ethnic groups in Nepal. Some of these tribal languages have no written scripts and are the only language spoken by women and children in many remote areas. This leads to extreme difficulties for healthcare personnel when trying to help people understand disease prevention and health promotion when they do not share a common language.

Although Dr. Han and the AC team do not speak these 75 languages, they are fluent in a combined total of nine languages. Having a history in Nepal and building relationships and acquaintances also allows them to form communication chains to promote the goals of the program.

Sanitation Problems in Nepal

While there is a plentiful supply of water in Nepal, water facilities for safe drinking water and excreta disposal remain woefully inadequate. In a poor country with severe economic problems, investment in improved sanitation has not been high on the agenda, although it is widely accepted amongst healthcare professionals that water-borne illnesses and fatalities can be prevented by the early use of antibiotics and adequate replacement of fluid using oral rehydration therapy.

Healthcare workers need to understand local attitudes, perceptions, and practices regarding health before any change can be satisfactorily implemented. This is our goal at Essence of Dentistry — to gain a better understanding of why Nepal’s people believe what they do and how we can gain their trust to allow for an improved healthcare dynamic.

The foregoing has set the scene within which health care in Nepal is being delivered. The main problem healthcare planners are facing is how to prioritize care in inaccessible areas where extreme poverty exists.

Primary healthcare, community education, and income generation programs enable people to be self-supporting in the long term. By working with the local populations, we understand the territory and are able to make decisions based on local knowledge to create the most impact.

Change doesn't happen overnight, it is a step-by-step process, and we are in it for the long term. We are strategic about designing solutions for the present and the future. The building of schools, remodeling of old schools, implementing teacher training, constructing libraries, and assembling medical, dental, and vision centers empower the people and allow them to become planners, controlling their ability to have a better life.

P7 Summit Foundation, 2011

Essence of Dentistry is happy to be associated with the 7 Summits Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Nepal whose mission is to offer the best quality education, healthcare, and stewardship to vulnerable populations in the world. Founded by AC Sherpa, whose vision is to help the lives of those living in third-world nations, the 7 Summits Foundation works to break barriers to quality education and health care for those who live in remote areas.

The foundation is committed to serving deserving people by building or remodeling schools, offering teacher training, supplying books, building libraries, giving sports equipment, and facilitating kids’ accessibility to achieve their goals. With their help, children have access to quality education and much more. They also work to provide healthcare facilities to people by building and running medical, dental, and vision centers and training doctors and nurses.

The 7 Summits Foundation also aims to create an educational environment that promotes good stewardship of the land. They also work to prevent human trafficking and help those who have been victims of human trafficking have a good future.

By working with the 7 Summits Foundation, Essence of Dentistry aims to contribute to the general welfare and education of underserved populations throughout Nepal. We are excited to help them achieve their goals through our corporate sponsorship.

Helping the Underserved Have Access to Basic Health Care and Education