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Quality is anchored in human honesty and focus. It only occurs when we care about others as if they are one of our own. But there is only so much energy, time, and resources that we can use. So, we work smarter by creating systems and options in nutshell possibilities. “I treat my patients as if I’m treating my own family.”


Innovation can only happen with human courage. Science-based, harmless, painless, and non-excessive treatment is the result. Risk-taking is essential, and innovation is vital. “I’ll overcome the limits of treatment.”


Strong leadership embodies the fair and decent treatment of people. Judging people too harshly generates fear and anxiety, which discourage communication and innovation. People committing honest mistakes deserve a chance to respond to their actions and grow from their responses. “I’ll pay attention to every patient’s voice at all costs.” “I won’t just dismiss my patients’ pain, concerns, and worries.”

Multidisciplinary Team

The dentists at our practice have expertise in many disciplines and are multi-disciplinary. That means that we are more than family dentists. It means that we are more than an orthodontist. It means that we are more than an endodontist, and it means that we are more than an oral surgeons. Our dental team has undergone intensive training and education beyond general dentistry. This makes them experts in performing root canals, diagnosing and treating oral pain, performing orthodontic procedures, and much more.

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