Tips And Tricks To Ease Dental Fear

Posted by Alison Han Apr 01,2023

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If you have dental fear, you are not alone. Being open and honest about your concerns can help ease some of your fears and make going to the dentist a better experience for you. And don’t avoid going to the dentist because you’re afraid – the longer you wait to get dental care, the greater your risk of needing serious work in the future. By getting your teeth checked out regularly, you can prevent small problems from becoming big complications that require more invasive treatment. Stay healthy with regular check-ups and avoid letting dental issues get out of hand. Here are a few tips to ease dental fear.

Discuss your dental fears with your dentist

Make sure to tell your dentist about your fears and anxieties so he or she will know how to best help you. Your dentist can work with you on developing ways to lessen your fears and plan for potential anxiety-inducing situations. During your appointments, be sure to communicate with your dentist so you can work together to come up with a plan that works for you.

For example, if the sound of the drill makes you nervous, let your dentist know so they can use a different tool or turn on the television to help block the noise. If needles make you anxious, ask your dentist if you can listen to music during your injections to distract yourself from feeling the sensation. Your doctor may also recommend medications to help you relax during specific treatments. You can also ask about using nitrous oxide gas to keep you calm and relaxed during certain procedures.

Bring a distraction with you

Another tip to ease dental fear is to bring a distraction if you need one. Some patients find it easier to stay calm if they bring something with them to keep their minds occupied while they’re in the chair. Consider bringing a book to read while you’re waiting, a puzzle to work on, a music device to listen to, or whatever else you think will keep you focused on something other than the procedure at hand. Distractions are a great way to relax and reduce tension during dental procedures.

Agree on a signal with your dentist

Agreeing on a signal that you’ll use to let your dentist know that you need a break or to ask a question can help you feel more at ease at the dentist’s office. You can also give a simple nod of your head to indicate that you are ready to continue the procedure. Talk to your dentist about your fears and agree on a signal to use during a procedure. This can help both of you feel more at ease during your time in the chair.

Bring a companion with you

If you’re too nervous about going to the dentist alone, you can bring someone you trust as your support. This person can be a friend or a family member whom you can depend on to help you through the procedure. Your friend can also hold your hand to provide comfort to you and to remind you to breathe normally when you feel anxious. Your companion can also help you keep track of time while you are in the dental chair. 

Consider sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry helps patients cope with fear and anxiety related to dental treatments. There are several different types of sedation dentistry treatments available, including oral conscious sedation and IV sedatives, such as nitrous oxide or propofol. These treatments can help the patient relax while receiving the treatment they need. They can also help eliminate any stress from the procedure itself. If you are feeling anxious about your upcoming visit, talk to your dentist about whether sedation dentistry is right for you.

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