Teeth Whitening: An Ideal Solution for Your Redmond Wedding Smile

Posted by Alison Han Jul 18,2021

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If you are getting married, our teeth whitening treatment can improve your smile just in time. We want you to look amazing and smile with confidence on your special day. Everything from your Redmond wedding shower to your bachelor/bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner will all be smile- and picture-worthy moments. As your friends and family snap pictures to post on Instagram and Facebook, you want to smile with confidence. On your actual Redmond wedding day, there is a good chance you will spend hours posing and smiling as a professional photographer takes pictures of everything: from you walking down the aisle, to your first dance. With so many memories being made and pictures to remember them by, your smile is on full display. We can make sure that it is absolutely beautiful.

Whitening your teeth is one of the best ways to improve your smile, because white teeth are a sign of youth and vitality, whereas yellow teeth are a sign of aging. With so many staining products on the market, including your daily cup of coffee, it is possible for twenty-year-olds to have stained teeth just like people in their forties and fifties. Regardless of how old you are, whitening your teeth can improve their appearance and how you look overall.

Professional vs. Over-the-Counter Products

Once you have decided to start the teeth whitening process, you must decide how you want to whiten your teeth. There is a variety of solutions you can try over-the-counter. Whitening toothpaste, strips, and trays are all for sale at your local drugstore. It can be tempting to try them because of how convenient it is to pick them up on your weekly shopping trip. The problem is that they may not produce the results you are looking for. The challenge is, the chemicals inside of these products are not professional-grade or as strong as what we use in our dental office. The whitening solution in store-bought kits will typically remove the surface stains on your teeth, but will not help with deep stains or overall yellowing. Our solution, on the other hand, is designed to penetrate the enamel on your teeth to begin the process of oxidization. This is where the molecules inside of your teeth begin to reflect less light and appear colorless as a result. This gives your teeth a bright, white, and beautiful appearance. Given the importance of your Redmond wedding day, we recommend using a solution you know will produce the desired results.

Other Options

Another benefit of teeth whitening at the dentist is that if you do not like the results, we can discuss other options. For example, if you have a tooth that is not responding, we can cover it with dental bonding or with a dental veneer. These cosmetic dentistry options are effective for closing gaps in between teeth, and changing their shape and size as well. By using a combination of procedures, we can give you a beautiful smile in time for your magical day.

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