Periodontics and Gum Disease Prevention

Periodontics and Gum Disease Prevention

Posted by Alison Han Oct 18, 2021

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry concerned with gum disease prevention and with the bone and tissue structures that surround and support your teeth. If you are devoted to taking proper care of your teeth and gums, and you want to live a long, healthy life, you will want to learn more about periodontics and gum disease prevention. We can provide you with this information and extra support as you pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

Periodontal disease, a severe gum disease, is an infection caused when bacteria and plaque build-up between your gums and teeth. The presence of bacteria and plaque irritate your gums, causing them to become inflamed. When untreated, this inflammation becomes chronic and causes the gums, supporting bone structure, and teeth to deteriorate. Periodontal disease can lead to many issues including tooth loss, gum recession, and persistent discomfort, and it is also associated with diabetes, heart disease, and premature birth. You can start preventing periodontal disease now by following a few guidelines and visiting our office for more information on periodontics.

Gum Disease Prevention

Daily Teeth Brushing:

We recommend brushing one's teeth twice a day to at least help remove extra food debris and plaque that stick between the teeth. Patients always need to include brushing the tongue in this daily ritual to get rid of excess bacteria as well.


We recommend flossing once a day, but some people can even benefit from gently flossing twice a day. However, flossing once a day will work great with brushing twice a day. Flossing will remove the food debris, plaque, and bacteria from between the teeth and around the gumline. Flossing also reaches the areas that a toothbrush cannot reach successfully.

Mouth Rinse:

Rinsing the mouth out with water when one cannot immediately brush after consuming foods can help remove harmful substances that damage teeth and gums. Patients need to also swish with a powerful mouthwash at the end of the day to reduce plaque growth and remove food particles missed during brushing and flossing.

Know the Risk Factors:

Unfortunately, genetics can contribute to the risk of developing gum disease. Gum disease prevention practices will help to reduce that risk. Age, smoking, and diet are also big factors that weigh into the risk for gum disease. Quitting smoking is a great step toward preventing detrimental health problems, like periodontal disease. Visiting our dental office as one grows up will also be helpful.

To learn more about the risk of developing gum disease, the patient needs to visit our dental office. We can walk the patient through current standing in the fight against periodontal disease and redirect in any areas of concern. If one has additional concerns or thinks that he or she may already be developing gum disease, then one can receive an annual comprehensive periodontal evaluation from our office.

When you visit our dental office to learn more about gum disease prevention, we can examine your teeth and gums to determine plaque level, bone structure health, and other potential signs of periodontal disease. If you are developing gum disease, we can help you prevent it from developing further.

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